What Listeners Are Saying

What Listeners Are Saying About WHPW:


. . . Turned on the station in my car and heard Umo. Then I was just listening your comments about the best album lists and then into the people who want to go back to the past.  It was heard at the right time. I just pulled over and sat in a parking lot and listened.  thank[s] man    J.R.


So glad to know courageous, effective radio is alive and well in Harpswell, Maine. Hats off to you!   D.D.


Just wanted to let you know your signal is being heard on gray new Gloucester line . . . listening to café chill at 12:30am. Good job guys.  D.G.


I want to start off by saying how much I love your station! I listen to it in the car while doing errands around town . . . Thank you and keep the tunes coming!   B.O.


Just to let you know WHPW comes in loud and clear at my house in Freeport and it is now my “go-to” station while I am just hanging out at home (i.e. most of the time). Love the mix of genres – and no commercials!   S.C.


Absolutely Loving whoever is spinning this day after Solstice nighttime programming! PLEASE keep it up. . . E.S.


. . . you folks have a really great energy, and offer up a dynamic array of programs.   L.P.