WHPW Wishlist

Stereo Gain Control - $400.00
Security Equipment - $2,000.00
New automation computer & software for broadcast - $2,500.00
A studio and all the things that go with a broadcast studio: furniture to microphones.
Production pods - in other location, such as libraries.
Production workspaces (studios) for both on-air and other.
Office and meeting space:furniture, computer, printer, large screen, etc.
Transmitter connectivity module and connection - $1,000.00
Antenna upgrade and installation - $1,800.00
Streaming set-up costs.
Broadcast console.
Broadcast audio processor - $6,000.00

If you are interested in supporting the radio station by donating the funds
for any of these items or have any questions about our wishlist, please call John
at 207-833-6618 or email John at harpswellradio@gmail.com. Thank you for 
supporting the Harpswell Radio Project.