Supporting Community Radio in Harpswell


 Thank you for your interest and support! Every penny that’s donated, raised  from  memberships and events goes toward the expenses of staying on the air.

 If you’d like to make a contribution in support of the station, you can  conveniently do it right now using PayPal by clicking the “Donate” button below.    (A Paypal account is not required.) We’re very grateful. You can always email us    or phone us at 207-833-6618 or 207-835-1018.

 We also have a wishlist, because sometimes knowing exactly how you’re helping out  is pretty cool.


There are many ways to support community radio in Harpswell.

    Become a volunteer staffer - "Many hands make light work." We'd like to invite you to participate in any aspect of our operation that's right for you. We would love to have help in fundraising and grant writing; production; office support; show production (learn how to produce your own show); and more.

    Become an Underwriting Sponsor - A great way to show your support of the importance of having local community radio.

Three- or twelve-month underwriting terms are offered:

$60.00 quarterly

$150.00 annually.

This includes at least 40 mentions per quarter.

Join our growing list of Underwriting Sponsors

Artist Collective 181

The Condimented Pantry

The Demo Guy

Handmade Tile Supply