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 Neighbors Got to Worship "Together" 

For three Sundays in May WHPW broadcast "socially-distanced" church services on 97.3 FM. The services were
a partnership between the Elijah Kellogg Congregational Church & West Harpswell Baptist Church. 

The parking lot at the Kellogg church was set up for social distancing between cars and antendees were able to hear the sermons through their car radios on WHPW if they were not able to hear from their car radios. Folks could also listen to the service from their own homes by tuning their radios to WHPW 97.3.

Thanks to board member Daniel Moore and engineer Howard Yanik for putting together all the necessary connectivity to make this broadcast possible.       

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Harpswell Radio Project, Inc. 
    is a 501(c)3 organization                                                                              

Thank you to all the organizations
who have allowed us to use their
facilities for our meetings:

Coastal Studies Center
Cundy's Harbor LIbrary
Harpswell Historical Society
New Beet Market
Orr's Island Library
Orr's Island Schoolhouse
The Schoolhouse Cafe
The Topsham Library

Our next Radio 101 training session:

Site & Date TBA

Come and join us. The sessions always
have folks who have been to 
previous sessions and lots of
Lobster on the water tower
        Art work courtesy Tom Brudsinski/LobstArt Studios. 
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