How long has Harpswell Radio Project / WHPW been in Harpswell?

Harpswell Radio Project was formed in 2013 to create WHPW-LP: a public-access, low-power FM educational, community radio station in Harpswell. That same year the station received its FCC Construction Permit. WHPW got its 501(c)3 status in November of 2015. The station received its FCC License and officially went on the air in January of 2017.

Where is the radio station’s studio located?

WHPW currently does not have a studio. The station has an electronics hub located at 8 Community Drive in Harpswell in a small building next to the Community Television Station. At this time zoning does not allow WHPW to set up a studio in that building.

Is Harpswell Radio Project/WHPW part of Harpswell Community Television?

No.  The Harpswell Radio Project and Harpswell Community Television are separate non-profit organizations. 

Is WHPW owned by the Town of Harpswell?

 No. WHPW is a non-profit educational community radio station incorporated in the State of Maine and run by a Board of Directors.

Who runs WHPW? Are there paid employees?

The Board of Directors and volunteers run the radio station. Although, countless hours are put in by volunteers, no one is paid.

How is WHPW funded? Does it receive funding from the Town?

WHPW is funded by donations from community members and other supporters. The only funds received from the Town are for specific projects, such as a production pod for volunteers to use.

How do I make a donation to WHPW?

Listeners can make a donation through our website (www.harpswellradio.org) or you can mail a check to Harpswell Radio Project, PO Box 483, Harpswell, ME 04079.

Is WHPW a non-profit 501(c)3 organization? Is my donation tax deductible?

Harpswell Radio Project is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations to a 501(c)3 organization can be tax deductible; please consult your tax preparer.

How can I become a volunteer at WHPW? In what way can I help the radio station?

There are many volunteer opportunities at WHPW and we are always looking for volunteers. Contact the radio station by email If you don't have the time to volunteer, you can always make a donation to help the radio station - any amount helps!

Can anyone do a radio show on WHPW?

If you are interested in doing a radio show, contact the Programming Director at programming@harpswellradio.org.

I have a show idea and I’d like to have an hour each week for my show. I’m even willing to pay. How can I make that happen?

The radio station loves having locally-produced radio shows, but we don’t have staff to produce it for you. Show producers must be able to create their own shows with their equipment and commit to producing a show on a regular schedule (whether it is a daily five-minute show or a weekly one-hour show). WHPW has no staff or studio available to be paid to produce a show for someone.

How does an organization get a public service announcement (PSA) on WHPW?

We ask that non-profit organizations produce their own PSAs for broadcast. For more info, contact the Programming Director at programming@harpswellradio.org. 

How do I buy advertising on WHPW?

WHPW is a non-profit radio station and does not accept any advertising. Businesses can, however, become Underwriting Sponsors for a fee to show their support for community radio. Contact us for more information.

I'm part of a local band. Can you play my band’s music on WHPW? How can I submit my music for possible airplay on your station? 

WHPW loves supporting local musicians. Please contact the Programming Director at programming@harpswellradio.orgfor more information.

What kind of programming will I hear on WHPW? 

Listeners will hear an eclectic mix of music genres from shows produced at WHPW and other community radio stations, as well as news, commentary, satire, Harpswell Selectboard meetings, locally-produced Sunday morning church services, and occasional broadcast of other community events. 

Is there a program schedule on your website? Why do I sometimes not hear the same show at the same time every week? Why do I sometimes hear the same show twice in a week?

WHPW doesn't have a finalized program schedule at this time - it is currently a work in progress. The Program Director downloads many shows from the Pacifica Network. Sometimes shows are not available to download from Pacifica at their usual time during the week or sometimes there is no show produced that week; the Program Director then has to make substitutions. Often shows are repeated a second time but at a different time of the day. There are also great shows that are worth listening to again, so WHPW will rebroadcast some shows even though they are no longer in production. 


What is your website? How do I contact someone at the radio station?

WHPW’s website is www.harpswellradio.org. Listeners can contact us through the website or use the link below.

Can I stream WHPW on the internet?

Not at this time. Harpswell Radio Project plans to begin streaming in 2021, but we need to raise an additional $3,000 in 2021 for streaming licensing and equipment. For now, tune us in locally at 97.3.

Why do I hear other radio station call numbers from other cities and different frequencies than 97.3 mentioned during shows being broadcast?

WHPW is truly a radio-community radio station and as part of Pacifica Radio Network we broadcast other community radio stations' great programs to bring a mix of well-produced radio programming to you. Listeners will hear shows being produced from Alaska to Louisiana to Maine.

Why is WHPW's signal not very strong in parts of Harpswell and in other surrounding towns?

WHPW is a low-power (LP) FM station running at 26 watts. Due to distance limitations, interference from other radio station on the same or close frequency, and, sometimes, atmospheric conditions, WHPW might not come in a good as you might like at times. 

More questions? Contact us with your questions.