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and the Harpswell Radio Project. You can mail a check to:

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Harpswell Radio Project, Inc. 
    is a 501(c)3 organization     

Don't forget : We Have a Production Pod at Cundy's Harbor Library

Harpswell Community Radio – WHPW – has been working to provide access to the broadcast airwaves for the general public.  As part of this ongoing process WHPW has just completed installation of a “production pod” at the Cundy’s Harbor Library in Harpswell.  This is the first of several intended to be installed around the area at various locations.  The “pods” contain the equipment that will allow individuals to record, edit, and enhance work to then be aired on Harpswell Radio.  The installation was completed by WHPW volunteer Nicholas Keeney.

Karen Schneider, Cundy’s Harbor Library Director, welcomed the installation as another library service provided to the community.  Library staff will be trained in the operation of the equipment in order to assist library patrons who wish to utilize it. 

So how does this work?   Suppose you would like to produce an audio piece for radio.  This could be as simple as an announcement about your organization’s upcoming fundraiser or services provided to the community.  It could be that full blown DJ show that you’ve long envisioned yourself doing.  It could be a show about a subject that you are passionate about, say fruit orchards or 16th century literature, or even news and commentary.   People will be able to reserve time during library hours to come in and use the equipment work on their production at their own pace without the time pressures of “live” broadcasts. This can be done as a “one-off” or as a recurring, perhaps weekly show.  When the work is finished it will be aired on local radio station WHPW 97.3 fm.

  Cundy's Harbor Library Director, Karen Schneider, sits at the new Production
  Pod in the Library's meeting room.

Please consider a donation of any amount to help support WHPW 
and the Harpswell Radio Project. You can mail a check to:

Harpswell Radio Project
PO Box 483
Harpswell,Maine 04079

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Funding and equipment for this pod was provided by WHPW listeners and volunteers, The Town of Harpswell, and the University of Maine at Augusta.

For more information about the pod program please call WHPW at 835-1018 or the Cundy’s Harbor Library at 725-1461.

Your Opportunity to Get the Word Out That You or Your Business Support Local Radio!

By becoming an Underwriting Sponsor of WHPW, you can show your support of local community radio which provides it listeners with great music programming. lots of talk and information shows and most important of all - local information should there be an emergency (flooding, wires down, roads closed, etc.). WHPW’s on-air gratitude to underwriters helps build and maintain name recognition by keeping your organization in the foreground of listeners’ minds in a frequent, uncluttered, straightforward way.

Three- or twelve-month underwriting terms are offered, for $60.00/quarter or $150.00/year. This includes at least 40 mentions per quarter

Enhanced announcements (extended), special events, short-term announcements are also available.

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          For more information, or if you don’t receive an email from somebody at the station to discuss                  the language of your on-air underwriting acknowledgement statement, please don't hesitate to                   give us a call at 207-8351018 or  email us.  Unlike the big NPR stations, we’re entirely run by                           local volunteers. While it’s absolutely our intention to not let anything fall through                                                               the cracks, sometimes a wheel needs to squeak.                                                                                                   

100% of any funds that come our way go directly to pay the bills that keep us on the air.

Join our growing list of Underwriting Sponsors:

Artist Collective 181

The Condimented Pantry

The Demo Guy

Handmade Tile Supply

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Listen Up!

Our programming is constantly evolving, as we finalize our programming schedule, enjoy a wide diversity of shows: music, commentary, local programming. 

If you have favorite shows you have been listening on WHPW, please give us some feedback. We would love to hear from you! Email us or give us a call at 207-835-1018

Remember: WHPW is where you can hear some great music you may never 

have heard before or some old favorites. You won't hear music like this on 

any other station in the area. Stay tuned!

 email us for more information.

Coming Soon!

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Speak Your Peace/Say Your Piece

Have something to say that has been on your mind?

Soon you will be able to call us, leave your peace/piece

and we will put it on the air*.

*Subject to FCC rules and, of course, civility.

Our "Introduction to Radio" training sessions have been well attended with some folks attending for the first time and many have been at every session. The meetings are usually divided into two groups: hands-on-training, where participants learn how to speak into a microphone and recording station IDs; learning how to produce and edit a radio program; help with what equipment you need, etc.; a separate group will be able to ask questions about WHPW and learn about being on the radio or being part of the radio station in other ways. Stay tuned for information on our next trainiing.

                                   Don't forget - if you are short on time to volunteer or produce
                    a show, but have some extra cash that you don't know what to do with
                           a donation of any size is a great way to support local radio.

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