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Richard Kazimer

What's Next?

Fixing up the E-Shed (cleaning, painting, etc.). Board member Nick put two coats of primer on the walls, as we speak. John has put a coat of paint on the ceiling and on the walls.The cables are gone from the front of the building.  John has put a coat of paint on the ceiling and the walls. The floor has been repaired. The building has been inspected by Fred Cantu (from Harpswell Codes Enforcement) who was stunned at the transformation! We have heat and electricity, just in time for winter.

The antenna is up on the tower - we are in testing mode. Thank you, Howard! Local programming and a different mix of music are in the works. Stay tuned, Programming is hard at work!

Running cable from the E-Shed to the fiber-optic link to the tower. Done.

We have assembled a lot of equipment and we now have our signal on the air.  We are in a test music loop, but will soon begin some local programming.  Thanks to all who have worked so hard to get us this far.

Purchasing our broadcast music copyright license and getting our license from the FCC.

Licenses, both from the FCC and for music are in effect.

Our "Introduction to Radio" training sessions have been well-attended with interested folks from all around the area. The meetings may divided into two groups: hands-on training session learning how to speak into a micro-phone; recording your voice in a station identification announcement to air on WHPW, what kind of equipment you need, etc.; a separate group will be able to ask questions and learn about being on the radio.  

Throughout the coming months we will have more training sessions to teach people who are interested in the basics about being on the air. As we continue to have sessions, more will be devoted to producing a show.

Schedule for Training Sessions

April 15, 2017, 10 am-12 pm, Topsham Library 


Come join us and participate in local radio. Meanwhile, tune in to 97.3 and give us some feedback!

Tune in!

97.3 on your FM dial. We are broadcasting a test signal. Right now you will hear a 24-hour loop of all kinds of music. Let us know how it sounds!!! You can email us or call us  at


We started with 22 hours of music in the loop, then we had 110 hours in the loop, now we have 22 days of a variety of music for you to listen to. We are training programmers, so before you know it, we will have some local programming, plus some content from national producers

The E-Shed

Located on Community Drive in Harpswell,   right next to Harpswell Community  Broadcasting, this will be our home for  now.  After some upgrades to meet code we will  house our broadcast equipment here until 

 we are able to locate and build a permanent  studio.

We are looking for volunteers who are willing 

to help us gussy up the E-Shed and make it 

code compliant.

Donate a boat!

A generous Harpswell resident donated an old boat to Harpswell Radio Project. Two Board members gussied it up and made sure it was running like a top. It was sold to another Harpswell resident who now has a "brand-new boat" to tool around the coastline in Harpswell. We don't know if he got to all 216 miles in 2016.

   Join in on the Discussion

sign up for our Google group... send an email to:



Please join us at the Topsham Library on April 15th for the next Radio 101. Stay tuned for other training sessions.

Next Board of Directors Meeting 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

​6:30 p.m.

Cundy's Harbor Library

Harpswell, ME

         ​Harpswell Radio Project, Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation

We're in the News!

 December 14th in The Forecaster

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Times Record article in Feb. 7 issue & more

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station from  the Harpswell Anchor.  

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WHPW will provide Harpswell with...

Betsy Saunders

Have you ever thought you might like to have your own radio show?

As a community radio station, WHPW will provide access to the airwaves to all people willing to learn the craft and follow the guidelines. If you have an idea for a radio program, now is the time to let us know. Stop by this session or send us an email at         


or fill out our program proposal form and mail it to us at PO Box 483, Harpswell, ME 04079 or bring it to one of our training sessions.

Harpswell musician & new Harpswell resident Lisa Redfern interviewed John Halpin about the radio station on her video blog Gingersnap.

Public access to the airwaves
Municipal information
Emergency broadcast
Local event coverage
History, education, music
Collaboration with 
​schools & community

There was a great piece in the New York Times about LP-FM stations - FM Stations That Don’t Reach Far, but Reach Deep by Brett Sokol. To read the article click here.

Vernal Pooles


Join us on our Board of Directors! We are looking for two additional Members of our Board of Directors & two Alternates.